ERP & Accounting Integration Extending ERP to the plant floor


ERP systems are essential for running today’s businesses and managing by the numbers – “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. ERP systems need reams of data so they can present meaningful information to managers. In many situations, data is manually keyed into data entry terminals on the plant floor or in the office, adding substantial labour costs. In addition to that, people get behind and the value of information decreases over time.
There is a need for process-driven, real-time data generation and proper storage in a well architected database for quick retrieval and reporting. In addition, the clean presentation of relevant, valuable data to ERP systems, and the robust, flexible delivery of management information to users is important.

Product Files

Customers & Vendors

Production Data

Inventory Details

Symphony can integrate with your ERP or Accounting System dynamically synchronizing product files, vendors, customers, transaction data, and inventory details. Our software solutions and integration expertise is being used in many processing plants to fill that gap. Carlisle’s Symphony suite provides the following functionality via standard and optional modules:

  • Finished Goods Production Weighing and Labeling and Production Reporting
  • Management of Tare Weights, Label Formats and Content
  • Production Scheduling and Produce to Order
  • Finished and Raw Goods Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Web-based Item, Customer, Pricing and Order Entry
  • Order fulfillment, Truck and Route Management
  • Pick To Belt Order Fulfilment
  • Dock and Yard Management
  • Order Invoicing and Invoice Posting
  • Traceability Reporting and Recall Management
  • Livestock Procurement and Slaughterhouse Tracking (optional)
  • Projected Availability – Livestock to Finished Goods (optional)
  • Process Traceability Manager (optional)