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Software Brochures

Symphony: Plant Productivity Software Suite

Enterprise Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Software

Symphony is Carlisle Technology’s plant productivity and traceability software suite. With a modular design, Symphony was built to expand as a customer’s needs grow. Control plant floor production by managing product files, label formats, and product tare weights. Collect data from the plant floor and get insight into production, productivity, and traceability. Streamline shipping, receiving and order picking with Symphony’s Warehouse Management System. Symphony combines rugged plant-floor data collection (MES) with fast and reliable warehouse management software to give users a 360-degree view of their entire operation.

iCap: Weighing and Labeling Software

Rugged Plant-Floor Software

iCap is Carlisle Technology’s third-generation weighing and labeling plant-floor software. Built on Carlisle Technology’s 30+ years of plant-floor experience. When it comes to weighing and labeling individual pieces or cartons, iCap’s simplicity can’t be beat. iCap integrates scales, printers, and scanners into one complete weighing and labeling station. Designed with a simple user interface, iCap’s usability reduces overall operator training time and increases daily production.

Software Product Descriptions

Symphony WMS: Order Fulfillment

Simplicity and efficiency are key when it comes to order fulfillment. Carlisle Technology’s Symphony WMS streamlines the entire order fulfillment process. With Symphony’s Order Management Dashboard, office personnel can track orders from the initial order entry through shipping. As a fully integrated solution, Symphony WMS sends picklists to the warehouse with the simple click of a button. Operators receive the picklists on handheld mobile computers running Symphony Mobile. When an order has been filled, the picker passes the control back to the office so they can finalize all the shipping paperwork. Order fulfillment can be an intricate process. Symphony WMS was built with the flexibility to handle almost any situation that might arise.

Symphony MES: Work in Progress Tracking

Work in progress tracking is crucial when it comes to  providing a meat processing plant with an end-to-end traceability solution. Carlisle Technology’s Symphony WIP Tracking Solution allows a plant to create production batches and keep an accurate record of all raw material issued to each production batch. Symphony’s WIP Tracking Solution also associates production outputs (like intermediate products and finished goods) to specific production batches. With this solution, management has a complete view of every  production batch from raw material
inputs through to finished goods outputs.

Symphony MES: Production Scheduling with Serialized PLU Printing

Having complete control over the production floor is essential when it comes to high volume-meat and poultry processing. Symphony MES gives management the ability to schedule production orders and control which production lines fill which orders. As production orders are filled, order progress and line efficiency can be monitored with Symphony MES dashboards.

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